Cafe and Bar

Whether you are dining with family, chilling out with a friend or needing a drink after a busy day, our cafe/restaurant and roof deck bar are perfect for you.


Kapihan ni Lumaya

Kapihan ni Lumaya, located at the very heart of the hotel lobby, offers native Cebuano, Filipino, Asian and international cuisines that suit every guest’s palate. This serves as a statement of every culture mixed through history and travel.

Our combined café and restaurant will please you visually and gastronomically. You will surely love our version of distinctly Cebuano cuisine, with dishes and drinks named after Cebu native warriors.

The café is named after Lumaya who, according to folklore, was the founder of the Rajahnate of Cebu.

Roof Deck Bar

Hardin Dagami

Hardin Dagami offers a chill-out place for every guest who wants to unwind and see the city lights of the downtown area.

Situated at the rooftop of the hotel, it has a saltwater dipping pool and a wellness mini-gym.

Here, you can listen to acoustic bands at night, and do your yoga pose in the morning.

Exciting native games would be made available upon request.

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