Our Story

The hotel is named after a local weed and herbal plant, known as agusais or asahas, which grows on barren and unused lands. Just like the humble palm grass, resilient and persistently growing in abundance despite harsh conditions, we aim to become staunch advocates for the preservation of the Cebuano cultural heritage as well as promote eco-friendly practices at all times.


Mahitungod sa Palm Grass

Ang ngalan sa hotel nga Palm Grass nag-gikan sa lokal nga sagbot nga abunda sa atong nasud. Sama sa yano nga sagbot, buot namo nga mamahimong tigduso alang sa pagpatunhay sa kultura sa Sugbo ug sa pagtuboy sa maayong pag-amping sa kinaiyahan.

A Project of the Guivelondo-Blanco Family

Palm Grass Hotel Honors the Legacy of Cebu Heroes

Message during Engrandeng Pag-abri sa Palm Grass

119th Anniversary of the Battle of Tres de Abril

April 3, 2017

119 years ago today, our brave Cebuano heroes, shouted in triumph, “Mabuhi ang Katipunan!”, “Mabuhi ang Pilipinas!”  as they defeated Spanish guns with the lowly but powerful sundang kun pinuti.

After its soft opening early last year, what better date to grandly open this hotel, Palm Grass, Cebu’s only heritage hotel, than the anniversary of the triumphant commencement of the Cebu Revolution against Spain.

A project of the Guivelondo-Blanco family, PALM GRASS The Cebu Heritage Hotel is a tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of all our Cebuano ancestors who dared to dream, and dared to fight for a free Cebu and free Philippines.

Our mother, Caridad Tan-Guivelondo shares the surname of Don Isidro Guivelondo, a Spanish Mestizo lawyer, an ilustrado, who was one of the early conspirators of the Cebu Revolution against Spain. It was in Don Isidro’s house that a major Katipunan organization meeting was held to plan the Tres de Abril uprising.

Our father, Mamerto Arcilla Blanco also shared with us about the Blanco Katipuneros who escaped from the Guardia Civil through the esteros of Colon.

More than 2,500 Cebuano Katipuneros fought in that Battle of Tres de Abril 119 years ago. Today, we honor them through this celebration, Engrandeng Pag-abri sa Palm Grass.

Palm Grass is more than a hotel. Named after a local weed which commonly grows in Cebu and which has witnessed history as it unfolded; now, Palm Grass as a hotel retells the story of the richness of Cebu culture and history.

Palm Grass is more than a hotel. We want everyone who visit and stay at Palm Grass, to be inspired of how our heroes were able to renew Cebu society. Palm Grass also continues the legacy of Don Isidro Guivelondo, who hosted in his house a very big and significant meeting on April 2, 1898 which gathered Katipunan leaders from all over the Cebu province. Leon Kilat and other Katipuneros also rested, spent the night, and had breakfast at Don Isidro’s house! Indeed, hospitality and guest satisfaction at its finest!

Today, when you go inside Palm Grass, you are greeted by security guards dressed in the Katipunan uniform designed by Juan Luna; with the replica of the vistidora worn by Andres Bonifacio and Leon Kilat. You will read some 300 names of Cebu heroes on our walls. Our floors and suite rooms; and even our bestseller dishes and drinks are a tribute to our heroes.

We thank everyone who has contributed to our lofty vision of promoting Cebu heritage. We are most grateful to the local and foreign historians who tirelessly researched on Cebu’s brave past; our local artists, architects, engineers, suppliers, construction workers, employees, descendants of Cebu Katipuneros, and everyone who shared their time, talent, and sweat.

May all of us continue the vision of the greening of a brave, heritage-conscious, and ecologically-conscious Cebu.

Daghang salamat, ug malipayong pagsaulog sa anibersaryo sa Panagsangka sa Tres de Abril!

(Read by Serafin Guivelondo-Blanco in behalf of the Guivelondo-Blanco family.)

Our Vision

Palm Grass Hotel The new green haven for the millennium in the Philippines and throughout Asia as Cebu’s only cultural and heritage hotel.

Our Mission

Deliver a five-star hotel service with a green, customer-centric orientation through Cebuano hospitality that preserves the local cultural heritage.

Our Green Advocacy

At Palm Grass Hotel, we aim to create awareness for sustainable greening practices. In addition, the hotel is designed to withstand stronger natural disasters in the future as foreseen by climate change experts.

Dayon kamo sa PALM GRASS, The Cebu Heritage Hotel…