By: Cyprus | May 31, 2014


A heartwarming touch of Philippine History is the main theme of a soon to rise luxury hotel in the serene province of Cebu. This is uniquely christened as the elegant and metamorphosing Palm Grass Hotel. The main proponents behind the conception of this simple and yet expressive tourist attraction and accommodation was no other than but the distinguished members of the Guivelondo family. The said illustrious clan in the Philippines has gallant forefathers who were much involved in the advocacy against the so-called anti-Spanish colonial revolutionary government.

Palm Grass Hotel in Cebu was inspired by Katipunero descendants

Palm Grass Hotel in Cebu was inspired by Katipunero descendants

The still under construction Palm Grass Hotel is a cultural-heritage hotel which would have 82 plush and convenient rooms which are to be embellished with the finest ornaments that will clearly depict the lasting heritage of Cebu. Furthermore, the relevant construction of the said hotel aims to share the marvelous legacies of their beloved forefathers with the future generations of the country. According to its general manager in the person of Bebilou Espina, the Trese de Abril uprising which was the sole inspiration of this very historic envisage of Filipino freedom was planned and executed in the house of a Spanish mestizo, Isidro Guivelondo.

Going back, the original architectural prototype of this fascinating hotel is actually patterned after a seven-storey kind of architectural masterpiece. Among the prominent highlights of Palm Grass Hotel are: Its eight relaxing suites, an executive suite and 72 deluxe rooms among others. Hopefully, it would be finished any time within the year 2015. As far as its proposed features are to be regarded, this noble hotel would be having a historical gallery, mini bookstore about the vivid and colorful heritage of Cebu, a gym and so much more.

Since the dynamic proprietors and management of this very humble hotel are very much engrossed about the wonderful things about Cebu, the uniform of the hotel staff is traditionally inspired by the alluring and seductive Cebu province. Location wise, Palm Grass Hotel Cebu will be conveniently found in General Junquera Street, a well-known downtown in Cebu.

There is more to discover about the long and winding history of the Philippines, most specially in the captivating province of Cebu. Therefore, the enigmatic and totally exhilarating Palm Grass Hotel is the best place to be whenever you feel like that you want to nostalgically travel back in time without spending much.