Date Posted: February 28, 2016 | By Press Release


The Cebu Heritage Hotel is taking the lead in offering a unique dining concept as it opens the first café and restaurant that serves traditional Cebuano fare named after local heroes.

On February 28, 2016,5:30 p.m., “Kapihan ni Lumaya” will be opened to hotel guests as well as Cebuano food lovers and connoisseurs. It will also welcome history lovers who would wish to discover Cebu’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

Retracing Cebu’s past
The restaurant is named after Rajamuda Lumaya who, according to local folklore, founded the Rajahnate of Cebu during the pre-colonial times.

A mini-library can also be found in the restaurant that will allow visitors a chance to read, discover and relive Cebu’s rich and colorful past.

“When we understand our past, we will be able to understand ourselves as a community and as a nation,” Bebilou Espina, the hotel’s general manager said.

Cebu warriors’ dishes
At Kapihanni Lumaya, the dishes are named after Cebuano heroes to honor the bravery with which they defended the nation against the Spaniards. Some of the dishes available in the restaurant are: Gisadong Nukos ni Lapulapu, Linambonan ni Humabon, Kinilaw nga Isda ni Dagami, Sinuglaw ni Lorenzo Eje, Tagimtim ni Abellana, Inun-onan ni Tabal, Piniritong Manok Bisayani T. Padilla, and Crispy Pata ni Guivelondo, among others.

A Spanish-style rice dish with seafood, called “Paella de Inocencio Junquera” is named after the Spanish Governor of Cebu who established the city’s first theater, the Teatro Junquera.

Native health drinks
Aside from food, Kapihan ni Lumaya also offers a variety of health drinks. For one, there is Tropikal Kombinasyon ni L. Herrera, a fruit and vegetable drink named in honor of Lucio Herrera, who was able to blend with the locals. Although Chinese by blood, he was a Cebuano at heart as he fought alongside them in the revolution.

There is also the Tropikal Payter ni Leon Kilat, a healthy concoction which helps the body combat allergies in the same way that Leon Kilat used his amulets to protect himself and other Katipuneros from danger.

Other interesting drinks are: Bunga De Eskrambol ni Justina, a fitness drink named after Justina Peña, one of the three women who sewed the flag for the Katipunan; Prutina De Eskrambol ni Mauricia, which is a great supplement for body-strengthening workouts, and represents Mauricia Gahuman’s bravery and fortitude during the revolution’s rough times; and a detox drink called Dayaspora ni Buena named after Buena Ricardo for her resilience and determination in driving out the Spaniards from Cebu.

Soft opening promo
Palm Grass The Cebu Heritage Hotel is the first heritage hotel to rise in this bustling metropolis. Located right at the heart of Cebu’s first business district along General Junquera Street, the hotel offers a distinctly Cebuano service which is the first of its kind.

As a way to welcome customers and patrons, the hotel has also launched a social media contest. Winners will be able to enjoy discounted rates during the café’s soft opening dinner buffet as well as other freebies like free wine, brewed coffee or the Lumaya house tea.

The mechanics of the social media contest can be found on Palm Grass Hotel’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.