Batang Colon: A Cebuano love song for our children

A message from Palm Grass, Music and Video Producer

March 15, 2019

We give you this thought-provoking question:  WHAT WOULD CEBU HERO LEON KILAT DO IF HE MET “BATANG COLON”?

Palm Grass, Cebu’s only heritage hotel, proudly presents today an original Cebuano song, “Batang Colon”, a love song for our children.

Palm Grass, together with our company Tres de Abril Inc., is a book publisher, music producer, and video producer. Palm Grass has brought you original Cebuano love songs: Kinasing, Kuyogi ko, Hugot pas Huot, and Paglangyaw. And today we bring you a very special love song- a story about a child.

But this song could also be the story about everyone of us. As always been said, the story of the smallest and weakest in our community also tells about WHAT and HOW we are as a community.

Palm Grass, in its Heritage Awareness Program, has been regularly holding outreach and storytelling about our Cebu heroes among urban poor children, including children living in the streets.  Aside from meal-sharing, we want our children to be inspired by the story of our Cebu heroes, of how they were able to create change in their lives, because of the values of bravery, determination, unity, hard work, study, and selflessness.

This song and music video of Batang Colon, is a testament of Palm Grass’ commitment in promoting awareness on the story of Cebu and our heroes.

So what would our heroes and everyone of us do upon meeting Batang Colon?

We continually search for answers as we work together as a community, in the tradition of our 1898 Cebu heroes.

We believe that we should always be reminded that it is everyone’s mission to continue working in attaining our Cebu heroes’ dreams– of a prosperous and caring society for everyone, especially for our children.

-From the Guivelondo family of Palm Grass The Cebu Heritage Hotel and Tres de Abril Inc.